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Can You Talk a Little about Arodasi® Dance and Yoga?

Arodasi Dance and YogaArodasi® Dance and Yoga explore the self through natural and organic patterns that could be described as the path of least resistance for the nature body. The natural rhythms of the body are nurtured as one moves in accordance with nature’s design, never trying to imitate others in class. The focus is to pay attention to what is comfortable for each person relative to their abilities, endurance and creativity. Learning becomes the way one allows change, for as we change, we become self-aware. Arodasi® creates an atmosphere of acceptance for one to feel nurtured and not fearful of letting go of past patterns that can be held in the body as pain, tension and stress. The dance really explores the mind. The yoga is more inner body awareness.

What about Arodasi® Art, Painting, Drawing and Soft Sculpture/Doll Making?

Ms. Hanna is a professional painter/sculptor/artist who will share her ideas, visions, techniques, methods and experiential knowledge from 35 years of art making. The Healing Institute is filled with her paintings and her healing dolls of soft and beautiful fabrics. This is yet another way to explore the natural rhythms inside the being that will bloom into more self-awareness.

Last Modified: July 21, 2010

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