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Healing Bodywork Institute/ART Program


The Arodasi Healing Institute

Offering a comprehensive BODYWORK TRAINING

Arodasi® Relaxation Therapy (A®RT)

this body work is taught after one has completed the Reiki Program
 and 100 movement classes.

Arodasi Healing Bodywork InstituteMs. Hanna trains her students in Somatic Healing Bodywork- Arodasi® Relaxation Therapy (A®RT) This education includes all the services offered at the Arodasi® Healing Institute.

These Arodasi® classes have the intention to bring about self-awareness through various explorations of art, creativity, movement, intellectual studies, group discussions and assignments one can do at home.

What are the requirements for studying Arodasi®?

All that is required for a person to study is that one has the ability to listen and to learn. Self-Awareness comes from allowing change, from applying the mind and body to new ways of being, sensing, feeling and moving.

Healing HandsIs Arodasi® a Spiritual Practice?

There is no way to separate the physical from the spiritual. Everything is spiritual, in the sense that we are all living and we all have a journey on earth, to learn from and explore. To be present in the moment, is to learn that all that we have ever experienced is the present moment. That is what the Arodasi Practitioner® explores in all sensory experiences and shares in their practice as a Practitioner.

To thine own self be true, as you discover the joys of Arodasi®!

What is an Arodasi® Practitioner?

An Arodasi® Practitioner is someone who lives and shares Arodasi®. In the A®RT Training all students will learn Relaxation Therapy Bodywork which may include the title of “Reiki Master” upon graduation if a student is interested in hands on healing. All of the other services will be subjects learned that could possibly become areas of interest for trainees, either for self development or as a practice with a possible career.

What kind of person would be interested in becoming an Arodasi® Practitioner?

Someone that would like to become more self-aware and find something for the self that resonates within. Someone who would like to be a ripple in time, continuing to change the field of consciousness in the world from unconscious to conscious. Arodasi® Class Sessions are a “healing prayer” for all of humanity.

How do I become an Arodasi® Practitioner?

To become an Arodasi® Practitioner in the field of “Healing through Movement”, one must go through 7 levels of study. Each level requires 30 hours of instruction. Any group classes taught at Arodasi® Healing Center, can count as hours towards training. Partial Scholarships are available for those that do their assignments at home and sign up for research projects.

Do you study different Modalities at Different times during the year?

In the A®RT Training we study different ways to explore the natural rhythms of the body and the authentic-self, keeping our own records of how many hours one has had with each field of study. The class transitions slowly, so the relationship between the subjects are seen as not being separate in the way they co-relate. Every Training Session, which is 3 hours, has its own lesson. All lessons will be recorded, either on a recording or written about for the history of Arodasi® Somatics.

(The Feldenkrais Method®, along with Awareness through Movement Lessons®, Functional Integration Lessons® are the only modalities that require a strictly guided training program. Authorized Feldenkrais® Trainings are offered at various locations around the globe. Google: Feldenkrais®.)

All private one-on-one lessons are $65.00 for 75 minutes.

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Call: 318-834-0948 or 318-221-0678

Dorothy Kristin Hanna

Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner Registered Somatic Movement Therapist (RSMTsm)
Registered Somatic Movement Educator (RSMEsm)
Graduate of Eastwest Somatics Institute
Reiki Master
Certified Yogafit® Instructor

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