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What is the Arodasi® Healing Institute?

The Arodasi® Healing Institute resides in the Noel house, built in 1896, at 555 Herndon Street near downtown Shreveport, Louisiana, deep in the heart of the Highland neighborhood. The house is filled with Dorothy Kristin's original oil paintings. Painting website: www.DorothyKristinHanna.com

Arodasi® reflects the words, images and principles left behind by the modern dancer, Isadora Duncan. She believed that, in order to become whole and balanced, one must get plenty of exercise, eat the right foods, and honor the creative self. klonopin online without prescription. buy maxalt online no prescription. buy phentermine online without prescription.

How does Arodasi® define Healing?

We define healing as, "Letting Go." "Letting go" of dis-at-ease with others and  ourselves through deliberate intention and personal disciplined acts of self-care. Arodasi® offers avenues of "Healing through Movement"  with the mind and the body.  Learning to develop the  intention to create peace within the self and the belief that healing is possible.  


Arodasi® Yoga • Arodasi® Dance • Arodasi® Relaxation Therapy (A®RT) Authentic Movement (google: Authentic Movement) • Meditation Reiki (Google “Reiki”) • Chakra Balancing • Spiritual Healing • Shamanic Cranial

The Feldenkrais Method® (Feldenkrais.com)

Awareness through Movement Lessons® ~ Functional Integration Lessons®


Painting or Drawing Lessons ~ Doll Making / Soft Sculpture


Arodasi® Relaxation Therapy & Arodasi® Relaxation Therapy Training

All private one-on-one lessons are $65.00 for 75 minutes.

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Call Dorothy Kristin Hanna at: 318-834-0948 or 318-221-0678

How did Arodasi® come into being?

The word "Arodasi" is the reflection of the Isadora Duncan in this day and time, in the year 2011.  Right now, there is Arodasi® Yoga, Arodasi® Dance and Arodasi® Relaxation Therapy.  Arodasi®   honors the organic movement patterns that are natural for the  skeletal system, in relation to our neuromuscular systems.  Healing is realized when one begins to sense the changes that take place in the way one thinks, feels, senses and moves.  As we allow learning to happen, change is inevitable.  Working on a deep core level, that healing is possible, allow the body to change it's holding patterns.    Diagnosis is holding.  Holding is holding.  The patterns of the body will never let go, if one believes that they own their labels attached to their body.  When the mind lets go through deliberate acts of meditation, movement, awareness and beliefs, the body can change.

 In the midst of all the tall and turbulent waves that affect our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.  We can move forward.  Literally....................

                                    Dorothy Kristin Hanna is the creator of Arodasi® 

Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner

Registered Somatic Movement Therapist (RSMTsm)

Registered Somatic Movement Educator (RSMEsm)

Graduate of Eastwest Somatics Institute

Reiki Master

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